How to Earn Bitcoin & Crypto from adBTC

Cryptocurrency has emerged as a revolutionary force in the financial landscape, providing individuals with alternative ways to earn and transact value. One such avenue for earning Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is through Adbtc, a platform that allows users to earn crypto by viewing advertisements. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the step-by-step process of earning Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using Adbtc.


What is Adbtc?

Adbtc is a platform that connects advertisers with potential customers. Users on Adbtc can earn Bitcoin by viewing sponsored advertisements. Advertisers pay for the exposure their ads receive, and a portion of these payments is distributed to users who view the ads. It’s a win-win situation where advertisers get visibility, and users get compensated in cryptocurrency.

Getting Started

  1. Create an Account: Start by creating an account on the Adbtc website. The registration process typically requires an email address and a password. Make sure to use a secure password to protect your account.
  2. Verify Your Email: After registration, you may need to verify your email address. This step adds an extra layer of security to your account.

Earning Bitcoin on Adbtc

  1. View Advertisements: Once your account is set up, log in to the Adbtc platform. Navigate to the “Surf Ads” section, where you will find a list of available advertisements. Click on an ad, and a new tab will open with the ad content. Each ad has a timer, and you must view the ad for the specified duration to receive your reward.
  2. Complete Surveys and Offers: Adbtc often features additional earning opportunities, such as surveys and offers. These may require more time and involvement than simply viewing ads, but they usually offer higher rewards.
  3. Referral Program: Adbtc has a referral program that allows you to earn even more Bitcoin by inviting friends to join the platform. You’ll receive a percentage of your referrals’ earnings, providing a passive income stream.

Withdrawal Process

  1. Accumulate Minimum Withdrawal Amount: Adbtc typically has a minimum withdrawal amount. Keep earning until your account balance reaches this threshold.
  2. Choose Your Wallet: Before withdrawing, ensure you have a cryptocurrency wallet. A wallet is essential for storing and managing your earned Bitcoin. Popular options include hardware wallets, software wallets, and online wallets.
  3. Withdraw Your Earnings: In the Adbtc platform, navigate to the withdrawal section. Enter your wallet address and the amount you wish to withdraw. Confirm the transaction, and your Bitcoin will be sent to your wallet.

Tips for Maximizing Earnings

  1. Be Consistent: Regularly log in to Adbtc to view ads and take advantage of additional earning opportunities. Consistency is key to accumulating meaningful amounts of cryptocurrency.
  2. Refer Friends: Leverage the referral program to boost your earnings. Encourage friends and acquaintances to join using your referral link.
  3. Explore Additional Earning Options: In addition to viewing ads, explore surveys and offers to diversify your income streams on Adbtc.



Earning Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies through Adbtc provides a simple and accessible entry point into the world of crypto. By consistently engaging with the platform, exploring different earning options, and leveraging the referral program, users can accumulate digital assets over time. As with any online activity, it’s essential to exercise caution, use secure passwords, and be mindful of potential scams. With the right approach, Adbtc can be a valuable tool for those looking to enter the crypto space and earn digital assets.

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